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Jeanie Tomaini 


          Roussimoff & Jeanie Tomaini in Gibsonton Florida


Vi & Jeanie


     Vi, Roussimoff, & Jennifer Miller


A Beard Match! Jennifer Miller & Roussimoff 


Vi & Jennifer Miller


    David F. Friedman & Roussimoff

Jack Dracula Contemplative


   Jack Dracula Laughing     


           Vi & Jack Dracula


The Opening At The Anthology Film Archives in New York City

At the premiere with Jennifer Miller and composer John Watts



Vi seated beside Roussimoff's large painting of sideshow anomalies, "ALLEGORY" at the Anthology Film Archives




Vi & Roussimoff at the film's premiere


Flyer For Freaks Uncensored

Promotional Film Postcards featuring: 1. ZIP the P. T. Barnum "What-Is-It? 2. Bearded Lady ANNIE JONES 3. JOJO the DOG FACED MAN 4. MINON THE PENGUIN GIRL



"God is the greatest Surrealist of all." That is what I always thought. Doing a film on physical human anomalies certainly brings that realization to the forefront of my mind. This movie is representative, by far, of  my most fulfilling and rewarding experience as a filmmaker up to this date. It also provided the most enjoyment and adventure. My long-time familiarity with the themes of the circus and sideshow freaks had previously manifested itself in numerous paintings over the years, in  both literal and symbolic interpretations. In fact, my great uncle, Baron Nikita worked in circuses throughout Russia, Poland and France. Doing a film documentary on the theme of freaks was quite a challenge. Being visual, I knew more or less the basics of the story I wanted to tell. I knew the impact I wanted, but I am not a writer. It was Vivian Forlander (aka Vi), an experienced and extremely talented writer (among many other things) who was able to take this concept and mold it into a solid and literate screenplay with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Each of us brought our own ideas into this project, and on occasion there were even conflicts of opinion, yet we had a vision and together we made it work. And beautifully so. Throughout the many months, we conducted intense research in some of the most un-orthodox and untapped areas and places (thus much of our information has never before been accessed by others), unraveling highly scarce documents and images that we never would have been able to unravel had we not, between the two of us, been familiar with numerous languages and being experienced world travelers. In fact, we eventually purchased so many intriguing materials on this controversial theme, that only a portion made it into the film. Perhaps one day, we might take all this additional footage and make a sequel.  Both Vi and I were greatly inspired doing this movie, discussing every detail endlessly, ignoring nothing, and in the end we were both satisfied with the result of our devotion. We traveled throughout the United States and in Europe in order to film and obtain rare images and also valuable historical information. We managed to feature previously undiscovered motion picture footage of  legendary freaks such as legless Johhny Eck in action, Schlitzie the Pinhead (Schlitzie) with hair and beard, turn-of-the-century Armless Wonder Carl Unthan performing his entire act. And much more. Contemporary interviews were conducted with Bearded Lady Jennifer Miller (Circus Amok), Jeannie Tomaini (The last of the old-time sideshow legless wonders), Coney Island Tattooed Wonder Jack Dracula as well as Carnival Showman, Horror & Exploitation Film Producer David F. Friedman among others. All of them absolutely fabulous and engaging. Right from the start, I did not want to do a documentary that looked like those boring things on cable TV. I envisioned using documentary materials as a venue for telling a story. One told with humour, pathos and a dramatic buildup. In other words, something that held up as a genuine film. Even the music was essential. Our movie was shown by Jonas Mekas in New York's legendary Anthology Film Archives where each and every performance was entirely sold out! Standing room only. According to both audiences and critics, we have succeeded in our task of doing a movie on this controversial theme that reaches beyond the surface, is highly visual and informative, and works as first-rate entertainment.